Jan 22, 2018


I did more work on the laundry room today.  It is starting to look really good.  I also cleaned out the fridge and organized all my good between my two fridges.  It was a lot of work but I so pleased with my progress

Jan 21, 2018


Here are some pics of some of my projects in the last few days.

Here is my newly organized and tidy pantry.

Here is our new family closet.  I am going to add a hamper in the corner.

I have a good start in the front porch.  I still have tweaks here though.

I love my new sewing basket ($10 at a thrift shop!)

And my k-cup drawer is so neatly placed!

I am still working on my porch, but I LOVE tnid hall tree!

Jan 20, 2018

Hard at it.

I have been really working hard and getting things together for the house.  I am so pleased with the progress that I have made and it feels so good to see the progress.  Tomorrow, I am attacking the laundry room and the family closet.  In the next little while I will take some pictures to share.